Our team of consultants


A graduate of ICN (Institut Commercial de Nancy, Nancy Business Institute, 1995), including studies at the Copenhagen Business School (Masters in International Management).

  • He began his career with international companies in the agri-food sector (Mars and Cocoa-Cola Enterprise), working in sales and supervising sales teams. In late 2000, Stéphane Glaser became a recruitment consultant. In this role he become familiar with local, national and international consulting firms and their various search methodologies (direct approach and approach via databases and job announcements).
  • He successfully recruited a wide range of executives, experts and senior managers in several different industries and professions while developing a broad network in France and throughout Europe.
  • Based on this experience, Mr Glaser was inspired to launch Global Mind Search, with the goal of assisting candidates and companies in their search for success.



  • Cécile a degree in public communication and territorial marketing from the University of Nancy. With 10 years of experience in the communication and marketing sector, she has developed transversal skills in project management, consulting and diagnostic, sales and training with companies in Alsace.
  • It has managed projects mandated and financed by Europe in partnership with the State and the Greater East Region in order to apply the European directives on professional equality between women and men to a network of companies in Alsace.
  • She joined Global Mind Search to join the recruitment industry to develop her skills and put her business development skills into practice.
  • Motivated by the customer relationship and results, Cécile works on recruitments of senior management profiles confirmed across all sectors.

Tom-Théo Davesne, Recruitment consultant

Tom-Théo Davesne

    • Tom-Théo is a Tri-national graduate (International Business Management). During his university studies he had the opportunity to study in Germany, Switzerland and France, obtaining 5 diplomas in those same countries.
    • He joined Global Mind Search with the aim of strengthening his recruitment skills, but also to develop his international sales capabilities, with a focus on the German-speaking markets.


  • He speaks fluently German, English and Italian.



  • Graduated with a Masters in HRM in 2012, Helene began her career in major international groups in the aeronautics and petroleum industries. In these companies, she occupies positions related to Human Resources Development, in particular talent management.
  • In 2016, she decided to move towards executive search by direct approach and developed a real interest for this role. She began this job in a recruitment agency dedicated to the healthcare sector, which enabled her to develop an expertise and a taste of this field. She is convinced of the potential of this sector.
  • Today, she joined the Global Mind Search team as a Recruiter mainly in the Life Sciences sector.
  • Her driver : convincing and offering the best profiles to her clients.


  • Kévin holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in international management and brings a good understanding of management themes (Innovation, Lean, Project). In addition to his first two experiences in recruitment in France, Germany and Switzerland, he is passionate about finding the right person for the right job (and vice versa).
  • He joined Global Mind Search with the aim of becoming a specialist in international recruitment to use and develop his linguistic and interpersonal skills.
  • Driven by intercultural relations and operational excellence, he is involved in the recruitment of experts and experienced executives on an international scale, across all sectors.
  • Bilingual in German, he is fluent in English and is learning Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Jean-Jacques Hincker has strong HR management experience

  • He led significant projects such as the implementation of GPEC processes, social negotiations, evaluation / appraisal, professional mobility of staff in an international industrial context (Europe, United States). In these functions, he set up and provided training for his company’s supervisors / managers.
  • He is specialized in driving change in its dimensions of defining strategic directions and their operational implementation.
  • He has been a consultant in human resources management since 2012, for companies of very different sizes ranging from very small companies to international organizations.
  • His training and practice in humanist psychology, allows him to have a fine understanding of individuals and their relationships to the business world. His experience in business combined with this discipline is an important asset in the assessment of candidates.
  • He is fluent in English and German.


  • 20 years in international business development with SMEs, intermediate-size companies
    international groups.
  • Since 2009 he has been involved in change-management operations for
    organisations, both private stakeholders and institutions based in Luxembourg, where he lives.
  • Drawing on his experience in strategy and sales, he has been assisting Global
    Mind Search with business development since 2015, particularly in the Luxembourg


  • After graduating from the Saint-Cyr military school in 1988, Fabrice Jaouën worked almost continuously as team commander and leader in France and abroad. He has also led a regiment of 1,000 men and women and served as chief of staff (or Deputy DG) for a brigade of 3,500 soldiers.
  • He studied at the German army’s leadership school (while at the French Ecole de Guerre (School of War)) and is an auditor at the Institut des Hautes Etudes de Défense Nationale (French Institute of Higher National Defence Studies, 193rd session in the region), focussing on decision-making processes and strategy.
  • A coach by nature, trained and certified by INeKO, an Institute accredited by the University of Cologne (Germany), Fabrice Jaouen has made his passion for leadership a reality. He sees community involvement as the best way to know and serve others.